About Izumi

Inner Compass House
Izumi Amauchi

• Energetic Healing Practitioner
• Reiki Master
• Professional certificate in EFT & Energetic tools for transformation
• Shiatsu therapist
• Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
• Meditation Facilitator

Izumi was born in Japan in 1967 and moved to Sydney in 1989. Back then her passion was to work in hospitality and travel all over the world.She landed in a job as an international flight attendant in 1994. In her late 20’s, she encountered Reiki healing when her health had declined from stressful work situations. The whole experience of the healing process from alternative therapy had opened a gate to another level of consciousness about human wellbeing. Izumi has been using Reiki for over 20 years on herself as well as other people and animals by hands-on as well as by distance healing.

Her strong urge to know about the connection between physical health and mind made her go into studying alternative therapies at Nature Care College. She completed Diploma of shiatsu therapy in 2002 while she continued working as a flight attendant. Izumi had her own practice as a shiatsu therapist in eastern suburbs in Sydney. During the practice as a shiatsu therapist, she realized that there were more than body and mind connections in order to have an alignment in one’s health. Having had a son at age of 43 finally she decided to quit the long-loved flying job and from there her true purpose of this life emerged. She continued to expand her interest in healing through the vastness of human energy fields, physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. She completed Diploma of energetic healing at Nature Care College in 2016. Her passion for healing is to bring a light into people’s heart and help people’s soul to shine so that we can live fully with joy. Now Izumi has integrated her learning and experience and created her own unique style of healing using the meridian system, Reiki, distance healing, channelings and chakra therapy. Her studying in a deeper depth of healing and transformation is still ongoing.

She has been a blogger for Japanese spiritual blog “Sydney De-Light”.
Cultivating universal law, the secret to true happiness in the Japanese language.
Now she is based in lower North Shore and assisting people to be empowered and to bring them back to their true health.