Benefits of Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing can assist to

  • Boost general energy level.
  • Promote physical wellbeing.
  • Boost confidence, self-esteem.
  • Stress release.
  • Self- empowerment.
  • Achieve clarity in all energy levels.
  • Re-programming of belief system.
  • Get body, mind and spirit in alignment.
  • Bring harmony back in your life
  • Identify what is holding you back from moving forward in your life.

My approach to Energetic Healing is seeing a human being as a whole, holographic of energy being. Each layer tells me a lot more than people can tell me verbally so I tune into those unspoken areas to help people to transform so that they find their own essence for a happier life.It is my joy and passion to support you in finding a way to be connected with your true self and that is ultimate happiness.

Life is a journey to find a home in your heart and manifest your love and passion in your life.

Real success in one’s life is whether we find our true Self and live every breath and every step in our life lives with our true Self.

Because the true Self is love, it doesn’t seek love from outside sources.

The true Self is certain and clear about things!


This was my second visit with Izumi, she is very professional & caring.  Glad I found her on the Nature Care website. – V L

Beautiful, deep & powerful healing.  Izumi Tapped directly into the source of energy blockage in my system & lovingly cleared what was not serving me.  She held a safe space professionally & compassionately. – M L

My Experience with Izumi was wonderful!  She was caring, loving, gentle and guided me through the healing with empathy and trust and a special inner strength.  She is a miracle worker!- C. Holt October 2017

I recently had an energy healing session with Izumi.  This type of therapy was very new to me but I wanted to experience it.  I was not confident that I would get anything out of the session but I was curious about it.  She sensed a minor energy imbalance due to some anxiety (which was probably due to me having to drive to a new area) – I was aware of the anxiety but did not realize it was affecting my energy balance.  After she completed the energy healing I felt much calmer.  I felt that it was a bit like going for a regular medical checkup – even though I was not aware of any specific problems, it was good to have the session as a check on my energy balance and to learn how some situations affect it.  Izumi was very professional and exuded a sense of calm.  Once we discussed my anxiety she was immediately able to help and reduce my stress levels somewhat.     –  Sydney female, artist August 2017

I run my own business and work as a sales in a busy shop in the city.  It requires being spontaneous.  I need to keep high energy to be engaged with customers. During my work hours, I feel that I am draining my energy so by the end of a week  I need to sleep heavily for long hours to recharge my energy.  It is like I am separated from myself.  At the session, Izumi created a very safe, sacred space so I was totally relaxed and fully opened to receive her healing energy.  Her gentle yet powerful healing did calm my energy.  After the session, she gave me some time to sit with what happened during the session for self-reflection.  I was in that state of calmness for a whole week!  Going back to a busy, fast-paced life, I sometimes slip into the old pattern however now I can connect with my true-self because I know it is within me.  Thank you so much for such an empowering and divine experience! – Sydney female, Business owner 2017